Our History

Established immediately after the end of World War II, thanks to the initiative of the founder Giulio Tanini, the Tanini Group became in a short time a reference point for the construction industry in Tuscany. In the early ‘60s the Group opened in Florence one of the most modern showrooms, dedicated to both the distribution of ceramic products and furnishing for the bathroom. Since the ‘80s, the Company decided to invest in new areas of intervention: they were established the technical departments of TaniniLavori and Manifattura Pietre. The next challenge saw the Group engaging in the activity of production through the creation of two brands: Devon & Devon and Ex.t. In recent years, the Group has invested in the retail activity by opening flagship stores Devon & Devon in Italy and abroad and GiulioTanini and Ext in Milan.



In Florence, deeply marked by the war, a young business man, Giulio Tanini, decides to open a small store of building materials in Via Ponte alle Mosse.



The high demand for building materials in post-war Florence determines Giulio Tahini´s success and pushes him to expand and diversify his business: he creates a small showroom dedicated to tiles and ceramic coatings.


1966_1In the year of the flood, it was opened the shop in Via Maragliano, where still today the headquarters of Giulio Tanini SpA are located.


When Giulio Tanini´s children Valeria, Gianni and Andrea joined the company, it coincided with the opening of new headquarters in Sesto Fiorentino.


Top management embarked on a new challenge, contract projects. This is how new Group activities started: TaninLavori, the technical division of the Group, and Manifattura Pietre, a business unit created for the procurement from quarry and the execution of more complex products and coverings in natural stone, marble, granite.


1989The new generation of Tanini family , managing the company, after years of study and planning, leads to the birth of the first brand, owned by Giulio Tanini, dedicated to bathroom furniture and interior decoration. It was opened, in Piazza Savonarola, the first store of Devon & Devon brand.


1998After years of important work and deserved successes, Giulio Tanini, founder of the Group that had become the most important player for the building sector in Tuscany region, retired from work leaving the management of the Group to his children.



The need to always cover new market segments convinces the top management of the company to open a new showroom in Scandicci.


Uniting the work of international emerging designers with traditional Italian artisan production, it is born ex.t, the youngest brand of Tanini Group, which operates in bath furniture and home design sector and which produces, from the beginning, creative and original furnishing solutions.



The administrative offices in Via Arno (Osmannoro) are renovated by the architectural firm Studio 63. The ambitious project reflects the specific request of the Tanini family to extrapolate the building from anonymity giving it a clear identity: the elegance of a building inserted in harmony with the surrounding nature.


2009Tanini Group opened in Milan, Via Tortona 34, an atelier dedicated to architecture materials, specifically thought for those who want to experiment and find solutions for different needs. In 2009, the third generation of Tanini family joins the company, Azzurra and Ingrid Tanini into the management of Giulio Tanini SpA and ex.t while Teresa and Caterina Tanini into the management of Devon & Devon.



On June 22nd, with a great event with over 1200 guests, the new exhibition space of Via Maragliano are inaugurated. Over 2000 square meters of space dedicated to surfaces, materials, solutions for bathroom and design. In addition, it is created also a new concept store, Cubo Design, which is a shop inside the shop and offers a large selection of design products from around the world.



GiulioTanini receives the award for the best showroom, confirming its innate propensity to the success.



GiulioTanini is becoming more and more international, expanding its offering to the Furniture Sector.



GiulioTanini opened its first e-commerce, dedicated to the design lovers. Visit taninihome.com

  • Assistenza alla progettazione

    Assistiamo i professionisti nella fase progettuale, nella redazione dei capitolati, nella preventivazione delle opere da realizzare.

  • Vendita di materiali e prodotti

    Vendiamo in esclusiva prodotti di nostra produzione propria, tutti i marchi distribuiti da Giulio Tanini nonché materiali tecnici attraverso la divisione di TaniniLavori

  • Installazione prodotti

    Con un preparato staff garantiamo assistenza in cantiere e la gestione di squadre di manodopera specializzata.