Society Limonta

Society Limonta was founded in the year 2000 from the establishing idea of creating innovative home couture solutions, exploring new colour variations and manufacturing processes for table, bed and bathroom linens. This amazing journey includes also a few exclusive indoor and outdoor garments.It’s strong “fashion” vocation has transformed the idea of home couture, creating a new opportunity that didn’t even exist before: dressing our own home, as if we were dressing ourselves, privileging the mix&match philosophy, combining or separating colours, prints fabrics, abolishing the established concept of “set”. This infinite number of combinations, allows customers to cultivate their own creativity and communicate their personal style.

All Society Limonta collections come from an accurate research, from their desire of creating innovation, from their love for design, quality and colour, combined with an understated and unconventional vision of luxury. This research continues in many directions: discovering unusual combinations of fabrics, or using a type of manufacturing or a different kind of fabric never used before, mixing together apparently unsuitable weaves and colours.The choice of using the garment dye technique for all products follows the company’s inclination towards a “perfect imperfection”. In fact, this type of colouring confers a natural look to the fabric highlighting its characteristics, creating unusual nuances for one and only pieces, each time.

  • Assistenza alla progettazione

    Assistiamo i professionisti nella fase progettuale, nella redazione dei capitolati, nella preventivazione delle opere da realizzare.

  • Vendita di materiali e prodotti

    Vendiamo in esclusiva prodotti di nostra produzione propria, tutti i marchi distribuiti da Giulio Tanini nonché materiali tecnici attraverso la divisione di TaniniLavori

  • Installazione prodotti

    Con un preparato staff garantiamo assistenza in cantiere e la gestione di squadre di manodopera specializzata.