Elvang Denmark combines contemporary Scandinavian design with one of the world’s finest materials: fiber from the Peruvian Alpaca. The brand was founded by Tina and Lasse Elvang in 2003 after a backpack journey in Peru. During a visit on a local market they discovered the alpaca wool and fell in love with its softness, elegance and warmth.

They brought some throws back to Denmark and it didn’t take long before a business idea was taking shape. Today, Elvang creates their own throws, cushions and other home textiles and all the products are made with integrity and pride in Peru. The fibres of the alpaca wool are fine and thin, and textiles made of alpaca wool are thus very soft. Baby alpaca wool is extra fine and soft and primarily comes from the first cut of the alpacas, when they are about 2½ years old.




  • Assistenza alla progettazione

    Assistiamo i professionisti nella fase progettuale, nella redazione dei capitolati, nella preventivazione delle opere da realizzare.

  • Vendita di materiali e prodotti

    Vendiamo in esclusiva prodotti di nostra produzione propria, tutti i marchi distribuiti da Giulio Tanini nonché materiali tecnici attraverso la divisione di TaniniLavori

  • Installazione prodotti

    Con un preparato staff garantiamo assistenza in cantiere e la gestione di squadre di manodopera specializzata.