New brand: Magis

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New brand: Magis

10:21 01 March in CuboDesign, GiulioTanini negozio

For Magis “design is mainly a way of thinking, to generate new ideas,” without borders. Ideas from which to choose the right ones, the ones that make the difference. Since 1976 Magis creates beautiful and functional design objects with the aim of making accessible to all the quality of real Made in Italy. International designers for an Italian story that is renewed every year with new energy and ideas. The first article super imitated is the ladder Step, since 1984 by Andries and Hiroko Van Onck, the Lyra stool by Design Group Italy, Bottle and  Air Chair by Jasper Morrison, Chair One by Konstantin Grcic, Articles Striped and Steelwood Family by the Bouroullec brothers, Bombo and Chair First by Stefano Giovannoni, Déjà- vu Table of the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Magis focuses on creativity, technological innovation of materials and communicative power. Present in the most prestigious international museums, winner of numerous awards such as Golden Compass, ICFF Editors Awards, Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Interior Innovation IMM Cologne award and many other awards. Magis has a warm style and close to modern needs, which are constantly evolving.

  • Assistenza alla progettazione

    Assistiamo i professionisti nella fase progettuale, nella redazione dei capitolati, nella preventivazione delle opere da realizzare.

  • Vendita di materiali e prodotti

    Vendiamo in esclusiva prodotti di nostra produzione propria, tutti i marchi distribuiti da Giulio Tanini nonché materiali tecnici attraverso la divisione di TaniniLavori

  • Installazione prodotti

    Con un preparato staff garantiamo assistenza in cantiere e la gestione di squadre di manodopera specializzata.